ARS – Study of the water flow in Batumi

ARS – Study of the water flow in Batumi

ARS - Study of the water flow in Batumi


The “Ambassadori Batumi Island” LTD. has signed a contract with the largest Turkish research company ARS (Applied Research Solutions) at the stage of carrying out the necessary studies for the construction of the artificial peninsulas and an island. ARS inc. will conduct a study of the water flow in the project research area.

ARS inc. has been conducting marine research for more than 15 years using the latest innovations and technology both in Turkey and abroad. To date, this organization has carried out more than 500 successful marine studies within the framework of local and international projects. Among them: hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical and oceanographic studies.

These studies are carried out by the company in accordance with international standards and has ISO PAS 99 accreditation. In addition, ARS has an experienced team of researchers, geophysicists, geologists, engineers, hydrographers, oceanographers, technicians and divers.

The ARS portfolio includes all stages of ecological research on projects in lakes, seas and oceans that change coastal and deep-water environments.

As part of water flow research, ARS-Surveys will study sea currents and the interaction of waves with the seabed in the area of ​​construction on the Black Sea cost. In particular, in the area of ​​the project and its surroundings, special sensors will be installed at six different points of the seabed, with the help of which the directions of water currents and the strength of waves will be studied.

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