At what stage is the construction of the artificial island – “Ambassadori Batumi Island”?

At what stage is the construction of the artificial island – “Ambassadori Batumi Island”?

At what stage is the construction of the artificial island - "Ambassadori Batumi Island"?

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“Ambassadori Batumi Island” is the largest investment project in the region, incorporating the creation of two artificial peninsulas and one ultra-modern island of the entertainment and health resort type along the coast of Batumi. The project is situated in the waters near the “Bartskhana” and “Tamari” settlements, with the development of corresponding infrastructure.

Since the project’s presentation, the company has invested 22 million GEL, and an official audit report has been submitted to the National Agency for State Property Management.

Over 30 local and international studies on the feasibility of the island have been conducted. The infrastructure has been established, necessary construction equipment procured, and an artificial land area of up to 4 hectares arranged. Notably, storms in Batumi in November 2023 and January 2024 did not affect the land’s stability, affirming the careful selection of the island’s geographic location by qualified specialists.

The company has completed the feasibility study and environmental impact assessment report for submission to the Government of Georgia. Colliers’ London and Tbilisi offices worked on the economic aspect, projecting a historic contribution to Batumi’s economic development. The island’s implementation is expected to employ around 7,000 people, contributing approximately 64 million US dollars annually to the state budget in taxes.

The Turkish company YUKSEL PROJE handled the technical design and implementation of the island, leveraging their extensive experience in major infrastructure projects in 60 countries worldwide. Most importantly, they have designed various complex engineering structures in the Black Sea, such as Ordu Giresun International Airport, which is entirely built on water.

The island’s safety for operation, considering 8-point seismicity and rising water trends related to global warming, has been confirmed through studies. For the Environmental Impact Assessment, Georgian company “Gama Consulting”, the contractor of “Ambassadori Batumi Island”, conducted a detailed study of the seabed. Within the framework of the EIA, the company conducted a detailed study and photography of the seabed.

The research results indicated that the mentioned location does not intersect with the dolphins’ route, and the underwater environment lacks distinct biodiversity. This lack of variety is attributed to historical contamination from spilled oil in the so-called ‘Beenze Beach’ area, simultaneously causing an unpleasant smell. Throughout the construction process of “Ambassadori Batumi Island,” contaminated areas are fully covered. The natural stone utilized in the dams safeguarding the island’s coast is an optimal substrate for the growth of algae and mollusks, serving as both sustenance and a means of reproduction for fish.

The EIA report assures that the project’s effects on the environment are recoverable within 5 to 10 years, minimizing significant damage. The conclusion also indicates that the current Bartskhana beach has a length of approximately 1.2 km. With the island’s development, a public access beach space of about 3.6 km will be created, featuring walking promenades, bicycle paths, a seaside boulevard, an artificial beach, fishing areas, sports fields, etc.

The development plan for the two peninsulas and the island has been fully completed, and administrative proceedings are underway in the Spatial and Urban Development Agency.

ARUP GROUP, a renowned British company, worked on the development plan for Batumi Island. The general plan allocates 49% of the island’s 84-hectare area to public infrastructure and spaces, with the remaining 51% reserved for development. It is worth noting that internal green areas and public spaces constitute about half of the land intended for development.

The island will feature a walking forest-park spanning up to 7 hectares, limiting traffic to bicycles and electric scooters to maintain an eco-friendly environment. The island’s development plan includes hotels, apartments, villas, a yacht club, educational and healthcare institutions, shopping centers, artificial beaches, and other infrastructures characteristic of developed countries.

The comprehensive development plan aims to create a sustainable and modern urban environment on “Ambassadori Batumi Island.”

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