Batumi – The Futuristic City with Its Own Island

Batumi – The Futuristic City with Its Own Island

Batumi – The Futuristic City with Its Own Island

If you’ve ever dreamed of future travels and wanted to reflect on the past, now is the time to pack your bags. The picturesque city of Batumi is about to unveil an innovative project that will make it the focal point of global attention.

Welcome to the beautiful Georgian city of Batumi, featuring two futuristic peninsulas and one artificial island. Picture yourself waking up to the gentle sounds of the sea, with a stunning panoramic view, surrounded by modern architecture, recreational areas, and sustainable infrastructure.

“Ambassador Batumi Island” is a landmark development project designed to elevate Batumi’s international reputation and establish it as a long-term tourist hub.

Spanning 84 hectares, the two peninsulas and artificial island will seamlessly integrate with the city, offering all the amenities needed for a thriving urban district. As decided by the ambassador group, nearly half of the territory (49%) will be dedicated to recreational spaces. A forest park will be developed on 7 of the 15 hectares of the island, featuring sports fields and walking paths, accessible to everyone.

This first artificial island in the region will provide endless opportunities for locals and visitors, enhancing quality of life with both passive and active recreational spaces, and offering new experiences and lasting impressions.

  • Residential apartments
  • Apart hotels and hotels
  • Luxurious villas
  • Shopping centers
  • Workspaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Recreational zones
  • Sports facilities
  • Georgia’s first large modern yacht club
  • Eco-friendly transport options – pedestrian and bicycle paths, air taxi stands
  • Seaside coastline (3.6 km)
  • Artificial beaches
  • Summer music festivals

All of this will be gathered in one space. It’s important to highlight the project’s significant contribution to economic growth and development. The existence of the island will greatly reduce the demand for development in the historical areas of the city, redistributing the population according to the island’s development plan. The planned international-standard infrastructure on the peninsula and island will attract both international and local visitors and businesses, bringing substantial economic benefits to the Adjara region. Additionally, at least 7,000 jobs will be created, improving the quality of life and economic status of the local population.

Who is working on this massive project?

To ensure the island is unprecedented, unique, and, most importantly, safe, the project is spearheaded by several major companies, including:

  • Yüksel Proje: A Turkish company operating since 1978, providing engineering, design, and construction supervision services in over 30 countries.
  • SHoP Architects: An architectural firm based in Lower Manhattan, known for its work on residential houses, commercial buildings, schools, and cultural institutions, shaping the trend of modern world architecture.
  • ARUP: A British multinational professional services company offering design, engineering, architecture, planning, and consultancy services in all aspects of urban development.
  • Colliers: A leading company that has been advising businesses on professional services and investment management for over 29 years.

With their involvement and the expertise of many other professionals, we can confidently say that the “Ambassador Batumi Island” project will open a window into the future, establishing a developed, innovative, and sustainable system.

What benefits will you get after implementing this project?

The “Ambassador Batumi Island” project has the ambition to establish a new way of life, which involves creating a healthier and eco-friendlier environment. Every person who enters this space will be filled with exceptionally positive energy, impressions and experiences.

Sustainable Urban Environment: The island will be vibrant with diverse social and cultural life. Residents and visitors will rediscover the city in new ways, engaging in activities that interest them.

Maintained Ecosystem: A significant portion of the project focuses on developing recreational zones, promoting environmental protection and public health. Bicycle paths, eco-friendly and marine transport, and sports clubs will encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Private Villas: Imagine owning a private villa with a panoramic sea view, relaxation, and proximity to urban life, beaches, and the city. This dream can become a reality, with the option to rent out the villa as an additional source of income, sharing this unique experience with others.

Georgia’s First Large Yacht Club: This club will host numerous unforgettable events. Vacationers can enjoy stunning views and yacht rides at sunset.

Over time, Batumi will become a sought-after destination for tourists and businesses worldwide, boosting the economy and attracting significant investments.

So, confidently continue packing your suitcases for future trips!

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