Collaboration with Colliers, Arup and Yüksel Proje

Collaboration with Colliers, Arup and Yüksel Proje

"Ambassadori Batumi Island" cooperates with Colliers, Arup and Yüksel Proje


In the stage of development of the technical-economic research, design, and master plan of the artificial island,“Ambassadori Batumi Island” cooperates with the largest international corporations such as Colliers (UK), Arup (UK) and Yüksel Proje (Turkey).

The representatives of the global companies of high reputation have been working on the development plan of the two peninsulas and the island since May 2022.

The recent working meeting was held in Batumi on November 15-16, 2022.

As a result of the work of international experts, the development plan of Batumi Island will be completed soon and the investor will present it to the Government of Georgia, where the world’s best urban planning experience will be shared.

Learn more about the progress of the Batumi artificial island project from the video below.

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