Crucial Milestones and a New Phase in Ambassadori Batumi Island Project

Crucial Milestones and a New Phase in Ambassadori Batumi Island Project

Crucial milestones and a new phase in Ambassadori Batumi Island project

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Exciting News!

Ambassadori Batumi Island is thrilled to announce that we have entered a new phase in our groundbreaking project, creating two magnificent artificial peninsulas/islands in Batumi, Georgia. Recent official audit reports submitted by the Ambassadori Group to the State National Agency reveal that our project has incurred expenses totalling 20,755,174 GEL.

These expenses have enabled us to accomplish several crucial milestones:

  • Thorough Preliminary Research: We have conducted an impressive array of 40 pre-project studies, engaging highly qualified local and international experts. This diligent research has laid the foundation for a successful development.
  • Comprehensive Project Documentation: The design for land creation documentation for both peninsulas/islands has been meticulously prepared by international company YUKSEL PROJE, ensuring we have a solid blueprint for their creation. Project modelling was carried out in laboratories of the highest reputation, and structural stability and solidity were confirmed.
  • Landscape and Accommodation:  The Peninsulas/Island General Master Plan has been successfully completed, incorporating the best practices for developing cutting-edge cities worldwide. The meticulous documentation was expertly crafted by the esteemed international firm ARUP GROUP, renowned for its expertise and innovation in urban planning.
  • Construction Equipment Mobilized: We have gathered and mobilized all the equipment required to construct these awe-inspiring peninsulas/islands. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of the project.
  • Environmentally Conscious Approach: Ambassadori Batumi Island takes great pride in our dedication to environmental preservation. The scoping report has been submitted to the National Environment Agency and the final phase of the environmental impact report is currently in progress.
  • Regional Importance: This project is significant regionally, as it has the potential to transform Batumi’s landscape into a world-class destination. Creating these peninsulas/islands will enhance the region’s natural beauty and attract tourists from far and wide, boosting the local economy and creating employment opportunities for the community.

Rest assured, we remain fully committed to our obligations and strive to bring this visionary project to fruition. Stay tuned for more updates as we transform Batumi’s landscape into an extraordinary destination for all to enjoy.

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