The construction of an artificial island in Batumi has started

The construction of an artificial island in Batumi has started

The construction of an artificial island in Batumi has started


The construction of the largest investment project „Ambassadori Batumi Island” has begun in Batumi. Project includes the creation of two ultra-modern, entertainment-refreshing artificial peninsulas and one island and the arrangement of infrastructure on them.

On September 3rd the capsule dropping ceremony for the construction of the artificial island was held.

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Levan Davitashvili, Chairman of the Government of Adjara Tornike Rizhvadze and co-founder of „Ambassadori Batumi Island“ Fridon Katamadze made speeches at the event.

„This largest investment project will contribute to the growth of the already strong international reputation of Batumi and the economic progress of Adjara.“ – Irakli Gharibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia

Within the framework of the project, new commercial, entertainment, sports, educational, medical, residential and tourist-recreational infrastructure of modern standards will be built. The project is fully financed by private investment. „Ambassadori Group“ will invest 100 million dollars in the first phase of the project, where 2000 people will be employed.

„About a year of preparatory work preceded this day, detailed geological studies were conducted and the project fully complies with international safety standards, including the highest environmental standards. I am sure that with the implementation of this project Batumi will have a new center of very important tourist attraction.“ – Levan Davitashvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia

One year ago, a memorandum was signed on the implementation of the „Ambassadori Batumi Island“ project, and since then, research works are actively being carried out with the involvement of leading international organizations.

“I am sure that during the course of this project, both in the region and throughout the world, people will talk about this project, about our city, our region and the country, and they will talk very positively.” – Tornike Rizhvadze, Chairman of the Government of Adjara.

For this project, the company cooperates with the world’s leading architects, designers and master planners, with whom in the future important megaprojects will be implemented within the framework of “Ambassadori Batumi Island”.

“Today is truly a historic day. Today, the foundation is being laid for the construction of such a large-scale project, which will have the greatest impact on the tourism and economic development of Batumi, Adjara and Georgia as a whole. “Ambassadori Batumi Island” is our vision and idea of ​​future Georgia.” – Fridon Katamadze, co-founder of “Ambassadori Batumi Island”


Before obtaining the construction permit, the company carried out all the procedures established by the law: A detailed technical-economic study, seabed research, geological-drilling works were carried out, in which international organizations and relevant qualification research institutions were involved.

The “Technical and Construction Supervision Agency” of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, based on the study and submitted detailed documentation, issued a construction permit for the island. In particular, at the initial stage, the construction scheme of the embankment dam related to the arrangement of the artificial island/peninsula has been agreed, and also permission has been issued for the construction of objects of special importance on the dam.

For the implementation of the “Ambassadori Batumi Island” project in Batumi, according to the decision of the Government of Georgia and the corresponding decree, the company will be given the right to build a 90 hectare area in the “Bartskhana” and “Tamari” settlements in the city of Batumi.

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